Field Mapping With Bullhorn

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Field mapping is a way of linking the information in Sellingence to Bullhorn. Think of it like a map that connects the data in Sellingence to the equivalent data in Bullhorn.

For example, the "Company Name" in Sellingence might be linked to the "Company" field in Bullhorn. The field mapping helps make sure that the information from Sellingence gets transferred to the correct place in Bullhorn.

It's important that the field mapping is set up correctly to make sure the data transfers accurately and without errors. Over time, the field mapping may need to be updated to keep up with changes in Sellingence and Bullhorn.

How to get to the field mapper

To get to the field mapper, navigate to "Manage Organisation", Integrations, select "Configure Bullhorn" 

How to edit field mappings for Companies, Contacts & Candidates

Under each of the tabs we give you the option to map data to your fields in Bullhorn. These fields are the system field names that Bullhorn generate when you create or change the standard fields. For example, if you wanted address to map to a custom address that has the field name of "customAddress2" you would remove "address" from the editable section and put in its place "customAddress2"

How to edit field mappings for static values

In the case that you need static values to be passed through, you can do this through the "Static Mappings" section. This will allow you to fulfill any mandatory fields that we currently dont support.

E.G. If for example to create a candidate in your Bullhorn you need to populate salary expectation, you could map a static value of 0. Then once it's in the system, and you've contacted the candidate, you can update it with the desired salary inside Bullhorn.

Mappings are structured in Bullhorn logically by type then field so if we wanted to map a "Candidate Source" field with the value of "Selligence" we would need to add the field name as candidate.source and the value field to "Selligence"

How to change event output to leads or opportunities

We give you the option to export events directly from Selligence to Bullhorn. Should you want to change where those events are stored in Bullhorn (lead or opportunity) you can do so under the events tab.

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