Getting Started in the News Tool

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What is the News tool?

The News tool is a great way to jump start your business development ventures. Every day we are pulling in an average of 7000 plus news articles into our platform. Each of the news articles are linked to a Sales Trigger, giving you a heads up on companies that are likely to be spending in the near future. You can find a list of all of the Sales Triggers our A.I. technology is looking for here.

What does it provide?

With each News article, you will be provided with at least one link to an original news article or press release, paired with company contacts for the company involved. On top of the lead and contacts, we have also taken the time to do all the research for you and give you a Company Spotlight. Here you can find all relevant links for that company, all recent news, any open vacancies they have, and other information needed to maximize your reach out efforts. 

How can I get relevant leads?

The best way to get relevant leads is to create a News search. There are several ways you can narrow down the news articles provided. You can select particular industries or skip if you are industry agnostic. You can also select different functions/roles that are most relevant to you, as well as provide particular locations. Once you have adjusted these parameters, click the "Search" button. This will provide you with news relevant your selected parameters. You can further narrow your search by company size and type of sales trigger. 

Do I have to run these searches each day to get new leads?

No, you can have new leads sent straight to you inbox each morning. To do this, simply click "Save Search" after you have your search created. This will ensure any new leads will be sent to you via email each morning. You can also access your saved searches while on the platform by clicking on "Saved" found on the left.

Can I have more than one search?

You can create as many saved searches as you would like. In fact, we encourage you to create more than one. Many people tend to create multiple searches based on different industries, locations, or company sizes they like to work in. You can also set up searches for other purposes, like to keep track of companies of you already work with, or to keep up to date on companies you are wanting to work with.

My new leads email is a little hard to read, can I change the title of the searches?

Yes, and we definitely suggest doing so if you have multiple saved searches set up. Just click on the "Saved" tab found on the left side of the platform. Then just click on the pencil icon next to a search title. You can change the name to whatever best suits you.

Other ideas for News searches

Here are a few searches that clients have found helpful outside of searching for new business leads.

  • Typing in a list of companies you already work with and saving that search. This will help you stay on top of growth within your top-billing clients in order to continue to expand upon business.
  • Typing in a list of companies that you want to work with. This will help you stay up to date on news and can give you a warmer lead for reaching out. 
  • Setting up a search based solely on a sales trigger. This is commonly done to stay up to date on companies who have recently received funding. 

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